Frequently Asked Questions about Transportation


Where can I find the district’s policies on transportation?

APS transportation policies can be found on the school committee page of the district’s website (  Additional information is contained in your student’s Student Handbook.

I am not happy with my bus stop.  How can I get a bus stop moved?

Bus stops are placed at centralized locations based foremost on safety and then on the distribution of student households on a given route.  Stops are designated to serve the greatest number of students on the route and therefore, by definition, will not be optimal for a single student.  If you have concerns, you should contact the APS Transportation Department at 508 222-0012, x-1192.

There are no sidewalks where we live and I am concerned that there is a bus stop where there are no sidewalks.

The school district does not install sidewalks.  You should bring this issue up with your elected Municipal Council member or the Mayor’s Office.


The bus drives right past my house. Why can’t it stop at my house to pick up my student?


“Door to door” service is not possible to provide for a number of reasons including safety issues (Frustrations of the car drivers behind the bus) and timing (Policy requires routes to be no more than 45 minutes).  In order to be consistent and fair in placement of bus stops, we are not able to establish stops based on personal circumstances.

I have heard about walking school busses. What are they?

Walking school busses are a great alternative for parents who do want their child walking to a bus stop or to the school itself alone.  A walking school bus is when a group of parents get together and take turns walking with children either to the bus stop or to schools.  It is basically carpooling but on foot.

 I have a reason to believe that there is a registered sex offender in my neighborhood.  What do I do to make sure that the Transportation Department knows this and has taken it into account in establishing its bus stops?


Information regarding sex offenders and predators are forwarded to the transportation office by the APD and other agencies on a regular basis.  We will not put a bus stop proximate to an offender’s house.  If you have concerns, you should contact the APS Transportation Department at 508 222-0012, x-1192.

I want to use two different addresses for pick-up/drop-off locations.

Each student is allowed only one transportation address for safety and security reasons.  Having multiple pick-up/drop-off locations can get confusing for staff and students and we would never want a child to board the wrong bus because of this.

We live on a cul-de-sac. Will the bus come down our street?

Full size school buses are not routed into a cul-de-sac for the following reasons:


Cul-de-sac stops create blind spots often causing students to enter or exit in a danger zone around the bus (at a corner stop or street curb stop, they enter/ exit outside the danger zone)


Different styles and sizes of buses make maneuvering in cul-de-sac difficult


The rear of the bus has potential to swing around close to the sidewalk


Parked cars and other obstacles create road hazards that may not be seen until entering the cul-de-sac and at a point of no return.


Backing up a bus when students are on board is strictly forbidden


The potential for property damage to mailboxes and landscaping.


Is there a specified distance that must exist between school  bus stops?

The “overhead yellow” lights on a school bus, which are used to notify other traffic of an upcoming stop must, by law, be activated at least 200 feet from the designated bus stop.  Bus stops must be at least 200 feet apart.


When should my child be at the bus stop to be picked up in the morning?

Bus riders should be at their assigned bus stop at least eight to ten minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.  This allows for some variation in the bus route due to unanticipated events. 


Why does my child have an assigned seat?


Seat assignments are a positive way for the ride to be consistent and safe. Per district policy, the bus driver and/or school administration have the right to assign a seat when they believe it necessary for the safety of all students.


I would like to talk to the bus driver. Where and when is it best to do this? 

The Attleboro Public Schools specifically prohibits school bus drivers from allowing any unauthorized person from riding on a school bus while transporting pupils to and/or from school.  Therefore, the bus stop is not the time to visit with the bus driver. Buses run a tight schedule. At the bus stop, bus drivers need to remain focused on the safety of all students on and off the bus.  For the protection of all students, a parent/guardian should NEVER board a bus with students on board. It can be very frightening to the students and can startle the bus driver.  The best time to visit with the bus driver is by appointment. You can request to speak with the bus driver’s supervisor or can request a meeting with your bus driver and the Operations Manager, by contacting the Transportation Office at 508 222-0012, x1192.  If an unauthorized adult boards any school bus, the Attleboro Police Department is notified immediately to remove the person.

My child’s bus seems crowded. Can some students be placed on another bus?

For efficiency, buses are loaded with the attempt of utilizing all of the seating space provided on a bus. Buses have a maximum seat capacity as designed by the manufacturer. As long as student numbers do not exceed the rated capacity, the bus is not considered to be overloaded.  At the beginning of the school year, school buses may seem more crowded as the “legal limit” of eligible riders does not take effect until after the fourth Friday following Labor Day to allow schools to find efficiencies and to determine who is and who is not riding.

Why are buses sometimes late?

Weather, traffic, driver absenteeism, maintenance difficulties and unforeseen incidents are responsible for delays in arrival of school buses. Please know that we do everything possible to have all buses running on schedule each and every day. In the event your bus does not arrive as scheduled, contact the transportation help desk at (508) 222- 0012, x1192 or x-1126.  Please allow twenty minutes after the normal drop off time before you call.

How do you calculate the distance between my home and the school? 


The Attleboro Public School uses walking distances provided through Google maps when calculating transportation. Distance is based on the driveway to driveway distance.  Walking paths are also considered when calculating this distance.

I am eligible for Fee for Service bussing.  What is the fee? 


The fee for the 2017-2018 school year is $165.00 per student with a family cap of $500.00. 


I can’t afford to pay.  Can you waive the fee?


Families with financial hardship are encouraged to complete a waiver application. The waiver application follows the USDA free/reduced lunch guidelines.  If your student receives free or reduced lunch, they are eligible for a waiver of the fee.


I only need one way transportation, can I pay half the fee?


The policy of the Attleboro Public Schools does not allow for fees to be prorated for partial years or for one-way transport.  Each year we commit to a certain number of buses and a limited number of seats are available.


What is the enrollment deadline?


Student enrollment is from the end of April – June 30th of each year. Routes/ Stops will also be created around students that have applied before the deadline.


What if I miss the deadline?


Those students who miss this enrollment period will be placed on a waiting list and may be provided a chance to enroll their child/children on a space available basis after September 12, 2016. However, please note, if you apply after the deadline and are accepted onto a bus, new stops will not be added. Your child’s stop will be based on the closest stop currently in place to your student's address.


Why do I have to pay this year when I haven’t had to pay in the past?


In 2016, the Attleboro Public Schools updated the grid codes and distances for grade levels.  Students may live in areas that fall within the new distances. If a child has changed schools or moved distances may change. Students in the few homes which are exactly 2.00 miles from the school will be eligible to pay.


I signed up and paid by the deadline, but now my circumstances have changed and I don’t need transportation.  Can I have a refund?


Refunds are only issued on a case by case basis for requests made prior to the start of the school year.  Once the school year starts, no refunds are issued. 


My senior at AHS was driving my freshman all year, but since she is out of school earlier, now I need transportation for my freshman.  Can you prorate the fee?


The policy of the Attleboro Public schools does not allow for fees to be prorated for partial years or for one-way transport.  Each year we commit to a certain number of buses and a limited number of seats are available.


My child received a bus pass, but lost it.  How can I get a replacement? 


There is a $10 fee for replacement bus passes.  You may bring the fee to the Transportation Department to have a replacement pass issued.



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