Delayed Openings and Early Dismissal of Students

If school is to be dismissed due to inclement weather or an emergency prior to the opening of school, announcements will be made on the following radio and TV stations. As there could be a delay in posting the announcement once the station has been notified, please check more than one station if you feel school might be closed or delayed.

Radio Stations, TV Stations, and Cable Channels for Attleboro:
WPRO Providence 630 AM, WBZ Boston 1030 AM; Channels 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, Educational Access - 9, Local Access - 15
60 minute delayed opening bus times will be 60 minutes delayed

If school is to be dismissed after the opening of school, the following procedures will be followed: Arrangements should be made ahead of time by parents who will not be at home to inform their child of a place to go in the neighborhood in the event of an emergency. In an emergency or inclement weather, an announcement to that effect regarding early dismissal will be made on the previously listed stations. In any other emergency that indicates a significant safety risk to our students, students may be sent home immediately or to another designated school. Parents and students should have an emergency plan in the event of an emergency early dismissal.

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