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Attleboro School Committee Meeting

Monday, February 27, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.

Frances Zito Conference Room 178E - AHS


Pledge of Allegiance & Notice of Electronic Recording:

Spotlight Event: Studley Elementary School:  Joanne DiPalma, Principal

Student Advisory Council Presentation:  Ally DeRose

Approval of Minutes: 01-23-17

Consent Agenda:

1.       Motion to accept a donation of eight sections of 11-foot retractable belt sanctions from Attleboro Youth Basketball valued at $543.78 for the Attleboro High Gymnasium.

2.       Motion to accept the donation of two mobile storage units with an estimated value of $500 from Kevin Cryan of Cryan Landscaping to the CTE Automotive Technology Program. 

3.       Motion to accept a donation of 12 1- inch LCD Panel Monitors with an estimated total value of $600 ($50/monitor) from Mr. Michael Lortos of Attleboro to Coelho to be used by students in the classrooms.

4.       Motion to accept a donation of 13 cases of Hammerhill Tidal MP 8 ½ x 14 paper ($949) and 8 cases of Hammerhill Tidal MP 11 x 17 paper (($504) with an approximate value of $1,452 to the Copy Center from Harvard Bioscience Inc of Holliston MA.

5.       Motion to accept a donation in the amount of $6,000 from the Feinstein Foundation broken in the Memorandum dated February 22, 2017.

6.       Motion to accept a donation in the amount of $600 from Mayor Dumas to the 12 Plus Program at the High School to assist with the cost of YMCA Membership Fees for this Program.

7.       Motion to accept a donation for a total amount of $1,125.03 (Check #337: $562.51 and Check #338: $562.51) from Mark Cooper to the Attleboro Public Schools for educational needs.

8.       Motion to accept a donation in the amount of $90.00 from BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. to the Brennan gifts/donation line.

9.       Pursuant to the 2016/17 LaPrade Studio Contract Subsection 2: Motion to approve $19,217.49 which is equal to 20% of the net sales from the underclassman photographs to directly benefit the students of the school broken down in the Memorandum dated February 6, 2017.

Business Agenda:

1.       Grant Approval: Pursuant to Policy DD: Funding Proposals and Applications: Laurie Regan, Assistant Superintendent

·         Motion to approve the Attleboro Cultural Council Grant Award;

·         Motion to approve the grant check in the amount of $1,000 from the Attleboro Cultural Council to Attleboro Public Schools to be used as defined in DD-E1:

2.       New Superintendent Induction Program Update: David Sawyer, Superintendent

3.       Camp Ramsbottom –  Request to Drop Off / Pick Up:  Marc Furtado, Director of Finance/Controller

·         Motion to allow Camp Ramsbottom to use Attleboro High School parking lot as a pick-up and drop-off site for the summer camp from June 26th through August 18th:

4.       Memorandum of Agreement – Tri-County Regional Technical:  Stephen Withers, Jr., Chairman

·         Motion to approve the proposed Memorandum of Agreement between Tri County Regional School District and Attleboro Public School District Committee for the 2017-18 School Year:

Subcommittee Reports:

Policy and Personnel: Subcommittee Chairperson, Laurie Scales will report on the Meetings held on January 30th and February 7th:

Motion to approve the following Policies and/or Exhibits as presented:

·         ADDA: Criminal Offender Record Information (C.O.R.I.) Requirements

·         ADDA-R: C.O.R.I Requirements:

·         ADDA-E: Criminal Offender Record Information (C.O.R.I.) Requirements:

·         ADC: Tobacco Products on School Premises:

·         GBEC: Drug-Free Workplace

·         GBED: Tobacco Use on School Property by Students

·         IJOA-E2: Exhibits Forms

   o   Community Field Trip

   o   Day Field Trip Form

   o   Overnight/International Field Trip Form

·         IJOA-E3: Exhibit Forms

   o   Day Field Trip Medical Delegation Form

   o   Medical Form for Students Overnight

   o   Parent Responsibility Delegation Permission for Overnight/International Form

Motion to remove the following IJOA-E3: Current Obsolete/Outdated Exhibits from the Binder:

·         Authorization for Medication

·         List of Medical Forms

·         Medication Authorization for a Short Trip

·         Over-the-Counter Medication Protocol

·         Parent Authorization

·         Parent Letter

Motion to approve the following updated policies:

·         JJH: Student Late Night or Overnight Travel

·         JJH-R: Student Travel Regulations:


Motion to approve: Policy: KFB-R3: Community Use of the AHS Track as presented:

Motion to remove the obsolete/outdated Policy Exhibit ADC-E: Memorandum of Understanding between ASD and the Health Department/Tobacco Control:

Motion to remove the following policies from the APS Policy Binder:

·         Policy EGD: Acceptable Use of the Internet:

·         Policy IJNDA: Acceptable Use of the Internet:

·         Policy AHAJA: Acceptable Use of the Internet:

Motion to approve MASC Policy IJND: Access to Digital Resources with edits:

Motion to approve MASC Policy: IJNDB: Empowered Digital Use Policy as presented:

Motion to approve MASC Policy: IJNDC: Internet Publications as presented:

Motion to approve Policy IJOA: Field Trip Policy:

Motion to approve Policy Exhibit IJOA-E1: Consent and Release Form:

Motion to remove Policy Regulation IJOA-R: Administrative Guidelines for Field Trips from the Policy Binder:

Teaching and Learning: Subcommittee Chairman, David Quinn, will report on the Meeting held on February 6th.

Finance and Budget: Subcommittee Chairman, Bill Larson, will report on the Meeting held on February 8th. The following Motion was brought forward:

·         Motion to approve the budget transfer in the amount of $400,000 requested by the Director of Finance/Controller, Marc Furtado:

Infrastructure and Facilities: Subcommittee Chairman, Michael Tyler, will report on the Meeting held on February 15th.

Open Forum:


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