School Committee Agenda

Attleboro Public Schools
Attleboro, Massachusetts
School Committee Meeting
Monday, October 20, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.
School Committee Conference Room - Attleboro High School

Pledge of Allegiance & Notice of Electronic Recording: 

Open Forum:

Student Recognition:

Commended Scholars - 2015 National Merit Scholarship Program
                The school committee will recognize members of the Attleboro High School class of 2015 who were recently named Commended Scholars by the National Merit Scholarship Program for having scored in the top 3% nationally on the PSAT.

*  Matthew Girczyc, AHS ‘15

*  Donald Shultz, AHS ‘15

Consent Agenda:

  1. A motion to accept a donation of three (3) NEC L406T3 flat screen televisions with an estimated value of $900 ($300/unit)  for use at Willett Elementary School from Bank of America.
  2. A motion to accept a donation in the amount of $500 to the 12 Plus Program at the High School from Mayor Dumas.
  3. A motion to declare one (1) Canon IR 210S Copy Machine (ID11622531) and one (1) Canon IR2870 Copy Machine (ID11678175) as surplus as they are beyond repair.
  4. A motion to approve the Field Trip Proposal for 52 Attleboro High School students, grades 11-12, to attend a tour of the University of Massachusetts Amherst on November 17, 2014, funded by individual students.

Around Attleboro - Upcoming Events: Tyler Stowe, SAC Student Representative to the School Committee

New/Old Business:

  1. Presentation: Public Health Briefing:  Kenneth Sheehan, Superintendent;
                                                                Deb Ebert, Health Coordinator;
                                                                Jason Parenteau, Facilities Manager
  2. Electronic Communications Initiative:     David Sawyer, Assistant Superintendent
  3. Preview – School Committee Spotlight 2: David Murphy, Chairman

 Subcommittee Reports

Policy: Stephen Withers, Policy Chair

  1. Discussion of possible amendments to School Committee Policy EEA, which governs student transportation.  Specifically, the school committee will continue a discussion that began at the September 15, 2014 Policy Subcommittee meeting on the future of the Fee-For-Service program.

Finance and Budget: Bill Larson, Finance and Budget Chair

  1. Report on the Finance and Budget Subcommittee meeting held on October 7, 2014.

Infrastructure and Facilities: Michael Tyler, Infrastructure and Facilities Chair

  1. Report on the Infrastructure and Facilities Subcommittee meeting held on October 15, 2014.
           a. A motion to endorse a professional and comprehensive space-needs study of the school district contingent upon identification of an appropriate funding source.
  • The Infrastructure and Facilities Subcommittee recently met with representatives from the Flagship Task Force about that group’s call for a professional examination of the Attleboro High School campus.  The subcommittee discussed the importance of incorporating this need into the district-wide infrastructure and facilities priorities.

Upcoming Subcommittee Schedule:

  • Policy: 10-27-14; Curriculum & Instruction: 11-18-14; Finance and Budget: 11-04-14; Infrastructure & Facilities: 12-03-14

Executive Session: The Attleboro School Committee will convene in executive session pursuant to M.G.L. c.30A §21(a)(1) to discuss the physical condition of an individual, §21(a)(2) to conduct a strategy session in preparation for negotiations with nonunion personnel, and §21(a)(3) to discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining or litigation. The school committee will not reconvene in open session.



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School Committee

Important Dates

Curriculum and Instruction Meeting moved to Sept. 30, 2014

School Committee Spotlight: The Big Read - Thursday, Oct. 2nd 7pm
A Discussion on When the Emperor was Divine

School Committee Meeting - Oct. 6, 2014

Finance, Facilities & Procurement Sub-Comm Meeting - Oct. 7, 2014

Strategic Planning Committee - Oct. 8, 2014

Infrastructure and Facilities Sub-Comm Meeting - Oct. 15, 2014

Policy Sub-Comm Meeting - Oct. 27, 2014

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