Policy and Personnel Subcommittee Agenda

Attleboro Public Schools
indexAttleboro, Massachusetts
Attleboro School Committee
Policy and Personnel Subcommittee Meeting
Monday, May 1, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.
Frances Zito Conference Room - AHS


Notice of Electronic Recording

Action Items:  Approval of Minute: 04-04-17

New Business:

Section J:  Section Review:

1.        Policy JE: Student Attendance Policy:

        ·         JE-E1: Exhibit A – Notification to

2.        Policy JEB: Entrance Age: Should align with MASC (APS: 2004; MASC: 2016)

3.        Policy JF: Residency: APS: School Admissions; MASC (APS: 2016; MASC: No Date)

        ·         JF-E1: Proof of Residency Requirements:

4.        Policy JFA: Enrollment of Children of Non-Resident Staff Policy: Reviewed: no recommended changes at this time.

5.        Policy JFAA: AHS CTE Admissions Policy: Updated

        ·         JFAA-E1: AHS CTE Admission Policy: procedure/protocol recommend removal

        ·         JFAA-E2: Admissions Ranking Sheet: procedure/protocol recommend removal

6.        Policy: JFABB: Admission of Exchange Students: Reviewed updated to reflect Residency Policy

7.        Policy: JFABC: Admission of Transfer Students: Reviewed: no recommended changes at this time.

8.        Policy JICC: Riding on School Buses: APS aligns with MASC: should note date of review

       ·         JICC-R: Rules for Students Riding School Buses: No MASC Regulation:

9.        Policy JICFB: Anti-Bullying: APS Policy was reviewed/updated in 2016 with Legal Counsel Input: MASC Policy was from 2013;

10.     Policy: JJA: Student Organizations: Align with MASC

11.     Policy: JJG: Extra School Sponsored Contests and Fundraising Events: No MASC Policy; should be removed; outdated language; this is procedural.

12.     Policy JJIB: Interscholastic Athletics: No APS Policy; Not Recommended for Adoption

13.     Policy Exhibit: JJIB-A: APS Head Injury and Concussion: Recommended Re-Designation: to Policy JJIF with edits:

14.     Policy Regulation: JJF-R: Athletic Concussion Regulations: Athletic Director does not recommend Adoption

15.     Policy JRA: Student Records: APS: 2002 - Align with MASC by editing Legal References;

       ·         JRA-R: Coded not formatted – No MASC: recommend removal

Job Description:

1.        ELL Teacher: Proposed Job Description

Old Business:

1.        Policy Exhibit: IJND-E1: Empowered Digital Use Student Form

2.        Policy Exhibit: IJND-E2: Empowered Digital Use Parent Form

3.        Community Survey Update: Rob Geddes





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