Scientific and Educational Research

Brain-Based Learning Team: Reading List

Gonzalez, J. Retrieval Practice: The Most Powerful Learning Strategy You Are Not Using. Cult of Pedagogy - What is one way we can flip from reviewing information to students retrieving information? What can we do tomorrow?

Terada, Y. Why Students Forget. Edutopia - 5 strategies to make learning stick

Armstrong, T. Special Education and the Concept of Neurodiversity Educational Leadership - Neurodiversity: The Future of Special Education? If we want to use the most effective approaches with kids—and draw on new research about the brain—special education needs to change its approach.

Collaborative for Educational Services. Impact of Poverty on Learning: Effective Practices and Strategies  This grid maps out effective, research based practices and their associated strategies to help mitigate the negative cognitive impact that the chronic stress of poverty exerts on students.

Epstein, Robert. “The Empty Brain: Your Brain Does Not Process Information, Retrieve Knowledge, or Store Memories. In Short: Your Brain is Not a Computer”. This is a fascinating article about our (humans) failure to grasp neurology when using analogies that reflect the most advanced technology of the time. I did the dollar bill experiment illustrated in the article in several of my classes to describe different levels of retention and understanding of things we learn.

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