Community Resources

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William James College INTERFACE Referral Service

Beginning on February 1, 2024, any resident of Attleboro or student attending the Attleboro Public Schools (through a guardian) will have access to the William James College INTERFACE Referral Service. The INTERFACE Helpline helps individuals in subscribing communities become connected with outpatient mental health and wellness resources.

Through the Helpline that operates from 9 AM- 5 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 8 AM- 6 PM on Tuesday and Thursday, callers will complete an intake which takes about 15-20 minutes and then within a day or so of their call will be assigned to work with a Resource and Referral Counselor who will help them navigate the challenges of finding mental health services, including obtaining a referral match to an outpatient provider, as well as information and resources related to mental health and wellness.  Please see What to Expect When You Call the Helpline or visit for more information.

 The INTERFACE Helpline is not an emergency service. If you or the person you are seeking to assist requires a crisis response to meet immediate safety needs, please call 988, 911, go to your local emergency room, or find your local crisis services by calling 833-773-2445 and asking for crisis support.

The Arc of Bristol County

Family Support News

View the latest information from the Arc of Bristol County's Family Support Center in the latest edition of Family Support News.

Family Support Center - April Family Day

April Family Day Event

DDS eligible people of all ages and their immediate family are invited to the April Family Day at The Bridge Center on Saturday, April 20 from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Mobile Family Support Center

ARC mobile family support

The ARC's mobile family support center provides a variety of resources and supports to families and/or individuals. For more information please call: 508-226-1445 ir 1-888-343-3301.

Supports and Services

ARC services

The ARC provides a variety of resources and supports to individuals and their families. Visit for more information.

Attleboro Family Resource Center

April Events Calendar

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday: 9am-5pm, Saturday: appointment or event only (Saturday 10/14 & 10/28)
Walk-In Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, and during Saturday events

Want to learn more about Family Resource Centers? Visit on the Family Resource Center webpage or Facebook.

Children and Teen Grief Support Group

children and teen support group

HopeHealth is offering a new grief support group for children and teens dealing with the loss of a loved one, hosted by the Attleboro Family Resource Center. Led by a trained facilitator, the group meets monthly for peer support and comfort in a safe, healing space. Space is limited to 15 participants. To register, please email

Project Connect

Parent Workshops

Project Connect is planning several parent workshops open to families with children prenatal to kindergarten age. See the information below for session dates, topics, and how to register.

Time Outs or Time Ins?

Jill Vetstein is a licensed clinical social worker with a background in early childhood education. This class is designed for parents/caregivers/teachers of children ages 18 months-5 years old. Parents will learn how to meet their child's need when their child is dysregulated and not able to listen. Also gain a deeper understanding on how some approaches to time outs are problematic and how others can be developmentally appropriate. To register, please email

What Makes Your Child Tick?

Jill Vetstein is a licensed clinical social worker with a background in early childhood education. This class is designed for parents/caregivers/teachers of children of all ages. This class will give an in-depth understanding of all seven senses. It will teach how senses impact everyday behaviors. Parents will learn how to read these behaviors and have a better understanding of how each child ticks. To register, please email

Kinship Navigator Program: Live Zoom Referral Line

flier for kinship navigator zoom with green and white theme and image of a family at the top

The Kinship Navigator Program’s latest initiative is a live Zoom referral line dedicated to supporting kinship caregivers. The Zoom is available Monday – Friday, from 9am to 12pm, and caregivers can now connect with our team in real-time to access information and to get paired with a kinship liaison who can further assist them.

Refresh Formal

by Our Open Umbrella

Refresh Formal prom and formal dress program

Refresh Formal by Our Open Umbrella offers free prom and formal dresses in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. View the full flier for more information and visit to request a dress.

Supporting Housing Stability-Attleboro ARPA Funds Available

ARPA funds

Funds are available for any eligible Attleboro Resident that demonstrates a risk of housing instability. For more information view flier or contact: 774-644-4396

Food n' Friends Free Meals


For a full list of free meals and food security resources, including translations, click the Full Flier button above.

Text to 911 and Silent Call Procedure

What is Text-to-911?
Text to 911 is the ability to send a text message to reach 9-1-1 emergency call takers from your mobile device. When using a texting app on a device, type the numbers 911 in the 'to' or 'recipient' field.

What is the Silent Call Procedure?
If you need to call 9-1-1 and are unable to communicate your emergency for any reason, you can indicate your need for help by pressing digits on your telephone's keypad.

911 silent call procedure

Silent Call Procedure

911 silent call procedure

Once you've dialed 9-1-1 and an operator has answered, you can press:
1 -if you need police
2 -if you need fire services
3 -if you need an ambulance

If you're asked a question during the call, you can press:
4 -to respond yes
5 -to respond no