Policy Index

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Policy Title  Date
Section A Foundations and Basic Commitments  
AA School District Legal Status 03-08-21  View PDF
AB The People and Their School District 03-08-21  View PDF
AC Nondiscrimination 10-04-21  View PDF 
ACA Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex 10-04-21 View PDF
ACAB Harassment 09-14-20  View PDF
ACE Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability  10-04-21 View PDF
AD School District Mission, Vision, & Beliefs 03-08-21 View PDF
ADA APS Strategic Plan & District Goals 03-08-21 View PDF
ADC Tobacco Products on School Premises Prohibited  05-09-22 View PDF
ADDA Background Checks 10-04-21  View PDF
ADDA - R1 DCJIS Model CORI Policy 10-04-21 View PDF
ADF Health & Wellness Policy 11-15-21 View PDF
AE Commitment to Accomplishment 03-08-21  View PDF
Section B School Committee Governance and Operations  
BA School Committee Operational Goals 11-15-21  View PDF
BAA Evaluation of School Committee Operational Procedures 11-15-21  View PDF
BB School Committee Legal Status 11-15-21  View PDF
BBA School Committee Powers and Duties 11-15-21 View PDF
BBAA School Committee Member Authority 11-15-21 View PDF
BBBA/BBBB School Committee Member Qualifications / Oath of Office 11-15-21  View PDF
BBBC School Committee Member Resignation 11-15-21 View PDF
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment 11-15-21  View PDF
BCA School Committee Member Ethics 11-15-21 View PDF
BDA School Committee Organizational Meeting 11-15-21 View PDF
BDB School Committee Officers 11-15-21  View PDF
BDC Appointed Committee Officials 11-15-21  View PDF
BDD SC Superintendent Relationship 11-15-21 View PDF
BDE Subcommittees of the School Committee 11-15-21 View PDF
BDF Advisory Committees to the School Committee 11-15-21  View PDF
BDFA School Councils 01-07-20  View PDF
BDFA-E1 School Improvement Plans 01-07-20  View PDF
BDFA-E2 Conduct of School Council Business 01-07-20  View PDF
BDFB CTE Advisory Committee (CTEAC) 01-07-20 View PDF
BDG School Attorney 11-15-21  View PDF
BE School Committee Meetings 11-15-21  View PDF
BEC Executive Sessions 11-15-21  View PDF
BEDA Notification of School Committee Meetings 11-15-21  View PDF
BEDB Agenda  11-15-21  View PDF
BEDB-E1 Agenda Format 11-15-21 View PDF
BEDD Rules of Order 11-15-21 View PDF
BEDF Voting Method 11-15-21 View PDF
BEDG Minutes 03-08-21  View PDF
BEDH Public Participation at School Committee Meetings 11-15-21  View PDF
BEDH-E1 Open Forum Guidelines 11-15-21 View PDF
BEE Special Procedures for Conducting Hearings 01-07-20 View PDF
BG Policy Development 11-15-21 View PDF
BGB Policy Adoption  11-15-21 View PDF
BGC Policy Review and Revision 11-15-21 View PDF
BGD SC Review of Regulations & Procedures 01-07-20 View PDF
BGE Policy Dissemination 11-15-21 View PDF
BGF Suspension of Policies 11-15-21 View PDF
BHC School Committee - Staff Communications 01-07-20 View PDF
BHE Use of Electronic Messaging by School Committee Members 11-15-21 View PDF
BIA New School Committee Member Orientation 01-07-20  View PDF
BIAA SC Transition Protocol 01-07-20 View PDF
BID SC Member Compensation & Expenses 01-07-20 View PDF
BK School Committee Memberships 11-15-21  View PDF
Section C General School Administration  
CA Administration Goals 02-24-20 View PDF
CB School Superintendent 02-24-20  View PDF
CBD Superintendent's Contract 02-07-22  View PDF
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent 02-24-20 View PDF
CCA Attleboro District Line of Authority 02-24-20  View PDF
CCB Line & Staff Relations 02-24-20 View PDF
CE Administrative Leadership Teams, Councils, and Committees 02-24-20 View PDF
CH Policy Implementation 02-24-20  View PDF
CHA Development of Procedures 02-24-20 View PDF
CHC Procedures Dissemination 02-24-20  View PDF
CHCA Approval of Handbooks 03-23-20  View PDF
CHCA-E1 Handbook Requirement 03-23-20 View PDF
CHD Administration in Policy Absence 02-24-20  View PDF
 CL Administrative Reports 02-24-20 View PDF
CM APS District Annual Report 02-24-20 View PDF
Section D Fiscal Management  
DA Fiscal Management Goals  03-14-22 View PDF
DB Annual Budget  03-14-22 View PDF
DBC  Budget Deadlines &Schedules 03-14-22 View PDF
DBC-E1 Budget Process Timeline 03-14-22 View PDF
DBD Budget Planning 03-14-22 View PDF
DBG Budget Adoption Procedures 03-14-22 View PDF
DBJ Budget Transfer Authority 03-14-22 View PDF
DD Funding Proposals and Applications 03-14-22  View PDF
DEC Federal Funds Supplement not Supplanting Policy 03-14-22 View PDF 
DFDA Golden Age Pass 03-14-22 View PDF
DGA Authorized Signatures 03-14-22 View PDF
DH Bonded Employees & Officers 03-14-22  View PDF
DI Fiscal Accounting & Reporting 03-14-22 View PDF
DIE Audits 03-14-22 View PDF
DJ Purchasing 03-14-22 View PDF
DJA Purchasing Authority 03-14-22 View PDF 
DJAA Purchasing of Food for Employees 03-14-22 View PDF
DJB Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Policy 03-14-22 View PDF
DJE Bidding Requirements  03-14-22 View PDF
DK Payment Procedures  03-14-22 View PDF
DKC Travel Expense Reimbursements 03-14-22 View PDF
Section E Support Services  
EB Safety Program 02-07-22 View PDF
EBAB Pest Management Policy 02-07-22  View PDF
EBB First Aid 02-07-22 View PDF
EBC Emergency Plans 02-07-22  View PDF
EBC-S Policy on COVID Related Issues 03-14-22 View PDF
EBCD Emergency Closings 02-07-22 View PDF
EBCFA Face Coverings 03-14-22 View PDF
EC Buildings and Grounds Management 02-07-22 View PDF
ECA Buildings and Grounds Security 02-07-22 View PDF
ECAC Vandalism 02-07-22 View PDF
ECAF Security Cameras in Schools 02-07-22 View PDF
EDC Authorized Use of School -Owned Materials 02-07-22  View PDF
EEA SC Transportation Policy 03-14-22  View PDF
EEA-E1 Annual Rates - Fee for Service Transportation 03-14-22 View PDF
EEAE School Bus Safety Program 02-07-22 View PDF
EEAEA Bus Driver Examination & Training 02-07-22 View PDF
EEAEA-E1 Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers 02-07-22  View PDF
EEAEC Student Conduct on School Buses  05-09-22 View PDF
EEAEC-R1 Rules for Riding the School Bus 10-19-20  View PDF
EEAG Student Transportation in Private Vehicles 02-07-22 View PDF
EEAJ Motor Vehicle Idling on School Grounds 02-07-22 View PDF
EFC Free & Reduced Price Food Services 02-02-22 View PDF
EFD Meal Charge Policy 03-08-21 View PDF
Section F Facilities Management  
FA Facilities Development Goals 02-07-22 View PDF
FCB  Retirement of Facilities 02-07-22  View PDF
FF Naming Facilities 02-07-22  View PDF
FFA Memorials 02-07-22  View PDF
Section G Personnel  
GA Personnel Policies Goals  05-09-22 View PDF

Equal Employment Opportunity

 05-09-22 View PDF
GBEA Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest 05-09-22 View PDF
GBEB Staff Conduct 05-09-22 View PDF
 GBEBE Employee Attendance 10-04-21 View PDF

Gifts To and Solicitation by Staff

05-09-22 View PDF
GBEBD Online Fundraising & Solicitations - Crowdfunding 03-08-21 View PDF
GBEC Drug Free Workplace 05-09-22 View PDF

Tobacco on School Property by Staff Members Prohibited

05-09-22 View PDF
GBGB Staff Personal Security & Safety  05-09-22 View PDF
GBGCA Employee Childcare Program 03-08-21 View PDF
GBGCA-E1 Employee Childcare Program -Fee Structure 03-08-21 View PDF
GBGF Family & Medical Leave 03-08-21 View PDF
GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities 05-09-22 View PDF
GBJ Personnel Records 03-08-21  View PDF
GBK Staff Complaints and Grievances 05-09-22 View PDF
GCA Professional Staff Positions   03-08-21 View PDF
GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedules 03-08-21  View PDF

Employment of Principals

 05-09-22 View PDF
GCBC Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans 03-08-21  View PDF
GCE Professional Staff Recruiting  06-07-21 View PDF
GCF Professional Staff Hiring  06-07-21 View PDF
GCG Substitute Professional Staff Employment 06-07-21 View PDF
GCG-E1 Substitute Pay Rate 02-07-22 View PDF
GCIA Philosophy of Staff Development 06-07-21  View PDF
GCJ Professional Teacher Status  06-07-21 View PDF
GCK Professional Staff Assignments & Transfers 06-07-21 View PDF
GCO Evaluation of Staff 06-07-21 View PDF
GCQD Resignation of Staff Members 06-07-21 View PDF
GCQE Retirement of Staff Members 06-07-21 View PDF
GCQF Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members  06-07-21  View PDF
GDD Staff Vacations and Holidays 06-07-21 View PDF
GDQD Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff 06-07-21 View PDF
Section H Negotiations  


02-07-22 View PDF
HB Negotiations Legal Status 02-07-22  View PDF 
HBA Contractual MOUs, MOAs, and Amendments 02-07-22 View PDF
HF School Committee Negotiating Agents 02-07-22 View PDF
Section I Instruction  
 IC/ICA School Year/School Calendar  03-23-20 View PDF
ID School Day 03-23-20 View PDF
 IE Organization of Instruction 03-23-20 View PDF

Curriculum Development

 03-23-20 View PDF
IGB Support Services Programs 03-23-20 View PDF

Occupational Education

01-14-19  View PDF
IHB Special Instruction Programs 03-23-20 View PDF
IHBEA English Language Learners 03-23-20 View PDF
IHAM Health Education  02-24-20 View PDF
IHAMA Parent Notification Relative to Sex Education              05-09-22 View PDF
IHAMB Teaching About Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs              06-22-20 View PDF

Observations of Special Education Programs

 01-28-19 View PDF

In-School SAT Review Classes

06-10-19 View PDF

Homebound Instruction

01-14-19 View PDF

Home Education 

 10-04-21 View PDF
 IHBHE Remote Learning  06-22-20 View PDF 

Instructional Materials

 01-14-19 View PDF
IJ-R1 Procedure for Reconsideration of Instructional Resources 01-14-19  View PDF

Access to Digital Resources

05-09-22 View PDF

Empower Digital Use Policy

05-09-22 View PDF
IJNDB-E1 Student User Agreement & Parent Permission Form 06-10-19 View PDF
IJNDB-E2 Staff User Agreement 06-10-19 View PDF
IJNDC Internet Publications 05-09-22 View PDF
IJNDD Policy on Social Media 05-09-22 View PDF 

Field Trip Policy

11-16-20 View PDF
IJOA-E1 Consent and Release Form 11-16-20 View PDF
IJOA-E2 Community Field Trip Form 11-16-20 View PDF
IJOA-E2 Day Field Trip Form 11-16-20 View PDF
IJOA-E2 Overnight International Field Trip Form 11-16-20 View PDF
IJOA-E3 Day Field Trip - Medication Delegation Permission Form 11-16-20 View PDF
IJOA-E3 Medical Form for Students Overnight 11-16-20 View PDF
IJOA-E3 Medication Delegation Permission Form for Overnight/International 11-16-20 View PDF

School Volunteers

01-14-19  View PDF


 03-08-21 View PDF

Promotion and Retention of Students

01-14-19  View PDF
IKFBA Distribution of Diplomas 04-22-19 View PDF

Ceremonies and Observances

01-14-19  View PDF

Animals in School

10-04-21 View PDF
IMG-E1 Guidelines for Animals in School Settings 10-04-21 View PDF
Section J Students  
JB Equal Educational Opportunities 02-24-20  View PDF
JBB  Educational Equity 03-23-20 View PDF
JC Attendance Areas 02-24-20 View PDF
JCA Assignment of Students to Schools 02-24-20 View PDF
JCA-E1 Request for Change of Student School Assignment 11-16-20 View PDF
JEB Elementary Entrance Age 05-09-22  View PDF
JF Residency Policy 05-09-22 View PDF
JF-E1 Proof of Residency Requirements 11-16-20 View PDF
JFA Enrollment of Children of Non-Resident Staff Policy 11-16-20 View PDF
JFA-E1 Application of Enrollment of Children of Non-Resident Staff 11-16-20 View PDF
JFAA AHS CTE Programs Admissions Policy 11-16-20 View PDF
JFAAA Admissions: Integrated Preschool Peer Model Program 11-16-20  View PDF
JFAAA-E1 Guidelines for Preschool Peer Model Program 02-25-19 View PDF
JFABC Admission of Transfer Students  11-16-20 View PDF
JFABD Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services  03-23-20 View PDF
JFABE Education Opportunities for Military Children 02-24-20  View PDF
JFABF Education Opportunities for Children in Foster Care 03-23-20  View PDF
JFB Continued Enrollment of High School Seniors 11-16-20 View PDF
JFBB School Choice 03-14-22  View PDF
JH Student Absences and Excuses  05-09-22 View PDF
JH-E1 Exhibit A - Attendance Notification at all Attleboro Schools 03-08-21 View PDF
JHD Exemptions and Exclusions From School Attendance 02-24-20 View PDF
JIB Student Involvement in Decision-Making   02-25-19 View PDF
JICA Student Dress Code 01-11-21 View PDF
JICC Student Conduct on School Buses  05-09-22  View PDF
JICC-R1 Rules for Riding the School Bus 10-19-20 View PDF
JICF Gang Activity - Secret Societies  01-11-21 View PDF
JICFA Prohibition of Hazing 05-09-22  View PDF
JICFA-E1 Hazing 03-23-20 View PDF
JICFB Bullying Prevention 05-09-22  View PDF
JICH Alcohol Tobacco and Drug Use by Students Prohibited 05-09-22 View PDF
JIE Pregnant Students 01-11-21  View PDF
JIH Searches and Interrogations 06-08-20  View PDF
JII Student Complaints and Grievances 02-24-20  View PDF
JJ Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities 01-11-21  View PDF
JJA Student Organizations  02-24-20  View PDF
JJE Student Fund-Raising Activities 01-11-21 View PDF
JJF Student Activity Accounts 02-24-20  View PDF
JJH Student Late Night or Overnight Travel 05-09-22  View PDF
JJH-R1 Student Travel Regulations  05-09-22 View PDF
JJIF Head Injury and Concussion Policy 03-14-22 View PDF
JKAA Physical Restraint Policy and Procedures 01-11-21 View PDF
JLC Student Health Services & Requirements 01-11-21  View PDF
JLCA Physical Examination of Students 01-11-21 View PDF 
JLCB Immunizations of Students  02-24-20 View PDF
JLCC Communicable Diseases 02-24-20  View PDF
JLCD Administering Medicines to Students 03-08-21  View PDF
JQ Student Fees, Fines & Charges 03-14-22 View PDF
JQ-E1 User Fee Schedule 03-14-22 View PDF
JRA Student Records 03-08-21  View PDF
JRD Student Photographs 03-23-20 View PDF
Section K Community Relations  
KA School / Community Relations Goals 06-07-21 View PDF
KBA School / Parent Relations Goals  06-07-21 View PDF
KBBA Non-Custodial Parents' Rights 03-08-21  View PDF
KCD Public Gifts to the Schools 01-14-19  View PDF
KDB Public's Right to Know  03-21-21 View PDF
KE Public Complaints  03-08-21 View PDF
KF Community Use of School Facilities  01-11-21 View PDF
KF-E1 Procedure of Facility Rental Agreement 01-11-21 View PDF
KF-E2 Community Use of the AHS Track 01-11-21 View PDF
Use of AHS Concession Stand  01-11-21 View PDF
KF-R1 Community Use of School Facilities Regulations 01-11-21 View PDF
KHA Public Solicitations in the Schools 04-08-19  View PDF
KHB Advertising in the Schools 04-08-19 View PDF
KHC Posting of Signs and Distribution of Notices, Flyers, Brochures, & Advertisement in Schools 01-14-19 View PDF
KI Visitors to School 03-08-21  View PDF
KLG Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities 06-07-21 View PDF
Section L Education Agency Relations  
LA Education Agency Relations Goals 02-07-22  View PDF
LB Relations with Non-Public Schools 02-07-22 View PDF
LBC Relations with Nonpublic Schools 02-07-22 View PDF
LDA Student Teachers 02-07-22  View PDF

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