APS Welcome Center now Open

Dear Families,

Please continue to complete all new student registrations and work permits online. We are processing them as quickly as we are able to at this time.

Email contact information for main departments: 
New Student Registration: registration@attleboroschools.com 
Work permits: jvelazquezrivera@attleboroschools.com 
Transportation: transportation@attleboroschools.com 
Welcome Center: welcome@attleboroschools.com

Additional Information

Online New Student Registration: All APS New Student Registrations must be completed online. Visit the link below and click ‘online registration’ for detailed instructions and more information.  New Student registrations must be completed on a laptop or desktop computer. https://www.attleboroschools.com/page/registration 

Work Permits:
All minors working for an Attleboro business and in need of a work permit should visit the link below to download and complete a work permit. This permit can then be emailed to: jvelazquezrivera@attleboroschools.com 
Download work permit application here: Work Permit Application

Transportation: (Documents can be downloaded  but not completed online for transportation.)

If you need additional support, please enter at the Central Office entry doors located at the new high school building or call 508-222-0012 and connect to the Welcome Center. 

We have appreciated everyone's understanding as we continue to navigate the move to the new location.  

- Welcome Center Team